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Our Optometrists

Eye care professionals specialize in understanding how the human eye really works, as well as diseases and conditions that affect your vision—many of which do not always have obvious symptoms. Liberty eye doctors know how age and risk factors affect vision over time for young and old, and they understand the benefits and features of corrective lenses, both as eyeglass lenses and contact lenses.

Our Liberty eye doctors take the time to explain the results of your eye exam, describe your options and listen to your eye care needs. Because maintaining good eye health is an ongoing partnership, we encourage you to ask questions and share your health information, which could be vital to monitoring, diagnosing and treating potential vision problems.

Our Liberty Eye Doctors:

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Allen R. Griffin, O.D.

Dr. Griffin attended the University of Houston College of Optometry in Houston, Texas, and received his doctorate in Optometric studies.
After state laws were passed in 1991 by the Texas legislature he took a course in Drug Therapeutics and passed a National Board
exam to practice this new field of Optometry. Then in 2001 the Glaucoma Specialist act was passed and he took that course.
He specializes in Ocular Therapeutics in his practice but  really enjoys treating and seeing children and geriatric patiences.

Dr. Griffin was born and raised in Liberty and attended and graduated from the Liberty school system. He preferred the small town
life and moved back to Liberty after college. Had two children Brad and Kari that attended Liberty school. They are married and each
have a boy and a girl,  ages 1 year to 6 years. And you may see them on his new billboard and also on this website.

He received an award of acknowledgement for his twenty-one years of service on the Liberty I.S.D. Board of Trustees of which he was very
proud to have served on. It was a special time to give back to the school system where his father, uncles, cousins, his brothers, and his
children all attended and graduated from Liberty High School.

Dr. Griffin enjoys hunting, fishing, attending and watching sporting events in his time outside of work. He also enjoys his Labrador retriever,
Buddy and especially his four grandchildren.

One of his interesting patient stories was the lady that told him after her exam and visit that she had always much more preferred her visits to
her dentist than her eye doctor! Not that she did not like him, but dental work on her teeth was more pleasant than eye exams. Go figure

He very much appreciates and enjoys his patients he sees. He has a very good and loyal staff that he appreciates with the highest respect.


Doctor photo

Diane Berce O.D.

Dr. Diane Berce started part time relief for Dr. Griffin about nine years ago.

She attended Houston Lee High School in Houston, Texas. Then attended The University of Houston College of Optometry and graduated from there in 1986.

She has been a very knowledgable and delightful asset to the Texas State Optical office.

Dr. Berce is an animal lover and loves to spend time with her dogs and cats. She also loves most all kinds of music. She particularly likes to sing and participate in karaoke, with country and western her most favorite.

Our exceptional, friendly staff is our greatest asset. They are excited about what they do, and they care personally about getting the best results for our patients.

Our receptionists will try to accommodate your busy schedule by finding appointments that suit your needs. We will help you understand your insurance coverage and if financial arrangements are necessary, we will be glad to help you develop a plan to make your vision care treatment possible.

Our Liberty Eye Care Team: